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The Google Meet Desktop App

Get all the benefits from having Google Meet as a desktop app and more with added in-call and out-of-call features.

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Menu bar

Take Control

Enable and disable your camera and microphone with one click from the menu bar during your Google Meet call.

Join your quick-access meeting links and create new meetings on the spot.

In-call features


With Picture-in-Picture, you can pop out and drag around videos from participants, rescale them and use your screen real estate much more effectively

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Get an overview of how much time you spend in meetings per day. Your meeting statistics are only saved locally and never leave your device.

Google Accounts

Multiple Accounts

In MeetInOne, you can add as many different Google Accounts as you need.
The app lets you choose which of your accounts you want to join a call with.

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Google Meet

Quick-access meeting links

Need to join recurring meetings a lot? Simply save the meeting link and join with 1 click.

What Meetinone offers

Advanced Google Meet Features

Improve your Google Meet experience with lots of added features

Auto-Camera Off

You can choose to automatically turn your camera & microphone off whenever you join a call


You can enable push-to-talk mode which mutes your microphone unless you hold the space key


You can choose to skip the waiting screen from Google Meet automatically


With our Picture-in-Picture feature, you can pop out and drag around the video of participants during the call

Mirror Videos

Can you quickly invert the video of other participants during the meeting

Meeting Host Tools

Auto-accept & auto-reject participants, skip waiting screen, mute all & more to manage your calls as a host

Dark Mode

MeetInOne adds a dark mode option to Google Meet with an adjusted UI

Meeting Timer

MeetInOne adds a timer to your Google Meet screen to help you keep track of the meeting duration

Statistics Dashboard

In the meeting dashboard, you can initiate new meetings as well as have an overview of meeting statistics


Meeting Dashboard

MeetInOne's dashboard shows you what's important: you can quickly join meetings, open saved links, create new meetings, and see your meeting statistics.


Low price, high value

MeetInOne offers two pricing tiers with just the right features for everyone


Premium Plan


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MeetInOne is also available on SetApp